Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Necessity of a Book Bestie

I was thinking, what exactly gives you the urge to talk to your Book Bestie (BB) the second something amazing happens in your book?

Well, I'm here now to give you the answer.
As I was reading Heir of Fire (HoF) - which I'm ashamed to say, no, I haven't finished yet :'( - every time there was a huge plot twist, something new revealed about the characters, or, of course, an amazing ROWAN moment, I found myself texting my BB in all caps.

I think the main reason for this is simply that with great writing, a book can allow you to feel as if you are in the story. Non-readers wouldn't really understand. This leads me to believe that you have to unload all of this excitement/heartbreak/despair on the one person who can relate. Your BB.

It also helps tame your sequel (or 3rd book, 4th book, and so on) withdrawal. If you are DESPERATE to read the next book in the series, which "conveniently" does not come out until next September (*cough cough* Queen of Shadows *cough*), you will at least have your BB to discuss possible plots in the next book, theories you have, etc.

All in all, for the serious reader, a BB is absolutely necessary. If you do not have one, FIND one as soon as you can. It makes a world of difference to any pain you may be feeling after a favourite character's death.

Thanks, my BB, for the sweet message I found in the draft as I was halfway done this post - (Jaimie, I love this SO MUCH so far!!! EEEEP!!! - Liran)

Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Feels

It's no surprise that both ROWAN and CAL give you all the feels when you read about them. (You know, the swooning, the squealing, the jumping up and down, the freaking out because you can't even? Yeah, that's what I'm referring to.)

It's also no surprise that boys which magical powers/abilities*/faeness** are perfect and there is no way you can keep yourself from the looks you get when you read about them in public.

Sorry, I can't help you with that, but what I can do is explain to you why you get the feels when you read about them (with examples).

1) Your fangirl/fanboy senses are detecting hotness and it doesn't know what to do except make you feel the feels. This one is probably the most common reason among us fangirls and fanboys and also explains why you were texting your book bestie in ALL CAPS about how you were freaking out because CAL was shirtless and ROWAN is also a hawk.

2) The scene is getting very steamy, making you blush and squeal. For some reason, this happens to even the best of us in public. It also attracts a lot of attention and looks from the non-readers. (They just don't understand.) For example, when CAL was teaching Mare to dance and when ROWAN came to protect Celaena after she left Mistward and went into the woods.

3) Sometimes you get the feels for no reason whatsoever. This is like when you suddenly remember your book boyfriends in the middle of a store or random place for no reason and can't control yourself.

I hope this helps you make sense of why you get THE FEELS whenever anything CAL or ROWAN related happens in your life.

*if you want to get specific for CAL

**for ROWAN (even though that's not technically a word)

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hello from R & C 2.0

As the other half of Rowan and Cal, I just wanted to say a quick hello. We are so excited to start this blog, and share our thoughts on our ever wonderful fictional boys, ROWAN and CAL.
I must however warn any readers in advance of the possibility of excessive squealing and swooning after reading these posts. Read through at your own risk.

Anyways, this was a quick one, just to introduce us and the blog :) See you!

Join The Club

Yeah, we're all fangirls and fanboys and yeah, Red Queen is a #1 New York Times bestseller and yeah, the Throne of Glass series is a New York Times bestseller, too. This is why we made this blog.

For Rowan and Cal (who shall now forevermore refer to as ROWAN and CAL respectively).

For Victoria Aveyard and Sarah J. Maas who created these perfect beings.

For you and us (Jaimie and Liran whose nightly conversations result in all caps fingerling and squealing).

This blog will provide you everything you will ever need to intensify your love for ROWAN and CAL (because that's what we call them on this blog).

You're Welcome. (In advance obviously because we haven't really posted anything yet but our Twitter (@RowanAndCal *shameless plug* is something to behold (plus, Victoria follows!)).)

Anyway, since there are two of us over here, you can expect PLENTY of content over here (because we can't go a day without talking about our fictional boyfriends and our need for Queen of Shadows and Red Queen 2 (we'd like to read it now please and thank you if anyone can make that happen)) so stay tuned and keep checking back for epicness.

We think that's all. Okay, maybe you need to be reminded of shirtless CAL. (We're both swooning over here right now.)

And ROWAN the Hawk.

Now we're good.